Probing Chemical Reactions by Single-Molecule Spectroscopy

Virtual Conference, June 8th, 2021

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Organizers: Prof. Suzanne A. Blum (University of California, Irvine) & Prof. Randall H. Goldsmith (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Morning 1 – 08:00 US Central Time, 15:00 Central European Summer Time, 21:00 China Standard Time

  • Suzanne Blum (UC Irvine, US), Prof. Randall Goldsmith (UW-Madison, US): Welcoming Remarks
  • Steve Granick (Institute for Basic Science, KR): Surprises and opportunities – the reaction intermediate problem
  • Weilin Xu (Changchun Institute Of Applied Chemistry, CN): The Application of Single-Molecule Fluorescence Microscopy in Energy-related Electrocatalysis
  • Gregor Jung (Saarland University, DE): Dual emissive fluorophores for probing chemical reactions
  • Wei Wang (Nanjing University, CN): Imaging the temperature-induced phase transition of single nanoparticles
  • Ning Fang (Xiamen University, CN): Single-Molecule Chemical Dynamics in Nanoconfinements and Defects

Morning 2 – 10:25 US Central Time, 17:25 Central European Summer Time, 23:25 China Standard Time

  • Dominik Woell (RWTH Aachen University, DE): Chemistry, Crosslinking, and Catalysis in Microgels investigated with Single Molecule Fluorescence-based Methods
  • Juan (Tito) Scaiano (University of Ottawa, CA): Fiber glass catalysis. Real-time, single molecule visualization of Palladium catalytic centers during the reduction of nitro compounds
  • Dirk-Peter Herten (University of Birmingham, GB): Fluorogenic click reactions – a close look into tetrazine chemistry
  • Jan Vogelsang (University of Regensburg, DE): Picosecond time-resolved photon antibunching measures nanoscale exciton motion, annihilation, and the true number of chromophores
  • Suzanne Blum (UC Irvine, US), Prof. Randall Goldsmith (UW-Madison, US): Discussion: Current Technical Challenges in Single- Molecule Investigations of Chemical Reactions

Afternoon 1 – 13:40 US Central Time, 20:40 Central European Summer Time, 02:40 China Standard Time

  • Bert Weckhuysen (Utrecht University, NL): Single-Molecule Tracking Reveals Diffusion Heterogeneity in Zeolite Channels
  • Peng Chen (Cornell University, US): Mapping cooperative ligand adsorption at the nanoscale
  • Lidya Kisley (Case Western Reserve University, US): Detecting corrosion reactions at the single-molecule level
  • Justin Sambur (Colorado State University, US): Single molecule, single particle-level imaging of defect mediated energy transfer
  • Katherine (Kallie) Willets (Temple University, US): Dude, where’s my signal? Adventures in single molecule electrochemistry.

Afternoon 2 – 16:00 US Central Time, 23:00 Central European Summer Time, 05:00 China Standard Time

  • Bryce Sadtler (Washington University in St. Louis, US): Using single-molecule imaging to probe the role of oxygen vacancies in semiconductor photocatalysis
  • Matthew Lew (Washington University in St. Louis, US): Visualizing Enzyme Activity in Lipid Membranes, One Molecule at a Time
  • Kevin Welsher (Duke University, US): Untethering Single Microscopy with 3D-SMART
  • Prashant Jain (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, US): Three surprises from single-molecule-level probing of a photocatalyst
  • Christy Landes (Rice University, US): Single Particle Spectroelectrochemistry: Imaging and Controlling Irreversible Chemical Processes
  • Closing Remarks